Couples Counseling and Couples Intensives

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Couples Therapy and Intensives: I combine the Gottman Method with Attachment-Based Therapy to enhance emotional connection between partners, offering a powerful approach to couples counseling.”

Are you seeking to deepen your connection, resolve conflicts, and enhance your relationship? Look no further than the Gottman Method—a research-based approach that has transformed countless relationships worldwide. Dr. John Gottman’s extensive research, spanning over four decades, provides valuable insights into what makes relationships thrive.

Why Choose the Gottman Method?

  1. Predictive Accuracy:
    • The Gottman research allows us to predict, with remarkable accuracy (about 94%), which couples will stay together and which are at risk of divorce.
    • By understanding the dynamics unique to your relationship, we can tailor our approach to your specific needs.
  2. Intimacy and Friendship Enhancement:
    • Through the Gottman Method, you’ll gain new insights and skills to dramatically improve intimacy and strengthen friendship with your partner.
    • Learn how to foster respect, affection, and closeness.
  3. Conflict Resolution Skills:
    • Conflict is inevitable in any relationship. The Gottman Method equips you with tools to resolve conflicts in a healthy and productive way.
    • Understand the effects of physiological flooding during disagreements and learn strategies to keep discussions calm.
  4. Safety and Trust Building:
    • Feeling safe in your interactions is crucial. We’ll help you build an environment of safety and trust where vulnerability is welcomed.
  5. Specific Strengths Identification:
    • Discover your relationship’s unique strengths and learn how to build upon them.
    • Use the Fondness and Admiration System to renew respect and care for each other.
  6. Deep Knowledge of Each Other:
    • Intimately explore each other’s worlds, understanding dreams, aspirations, and fears.
    • Create an emotional bank account to draw upon during challenging times.
  7. Transforming Destructive Patterns:
    • Recognize and transform destructive relationship patterns known as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
    • Break through conflict gridlock and repair the relationship after disagreements.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Engaged Couples: Prepare for a lasting marriage by building a strong foundation.
  • Newlyweds: Enhance your bond during the early years of marriage.
  • Long-Term Couples: Strengthen your connection, even after decades together.
  • Couples Contemplating Divorce: Find hope and tools to navigate challenges.

Prioritize Your Relationship

We invest time in education, career growth, and financial planning. Yet, when it comes to relationships, we often lack training and tools. Make your relationship a priority—choose couples counseling or intensives with the Gottman Method. Let’s work together to create lasting positive change.

What to Expect Initially

Before your first couples therapy session, there are a few important steps:

  1. Intake Paperwork:
    • Both partners will receive intake paperwork to complete. This paperwork helps me understand your background, relationship dynamics, and specific goals.
    • During our initial session, we’ll review the paperwork together, allowing me to gain valuable insights into your unique situation.
  2. Enhanced Gottman Relationship Checkup:
    • As part of our comprehensive assessment, I’ll provide you with the Gottman Relationship Checkup.
    • This fully HIPAA-compliant questionnaire consists of 337 questions covering various aspects of your relationship:
      • Friendship
      • Intimacy
      • Emotions
      • Conflict
      • Values
      • Trust
  3. Our Collaborative Approach:
    • Together, we’ll explore your relationship’s strengths, challenges, and growth areas.
    • Our sessions will be a safe space for open communication, understanding, and healing.

Ready to take the next step? Ready to rekindle passion and reconnect as a couple? 

Contact me to learn more about couples counseling and my specialized couples intensives. Let’s work together to strengthen your relationship and create lasting positive change.